Self catering cottage "la chaudière"

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Place : Boudeau
24110 Léguillac de l'Auche

The cottage is close to a farm, located at 13 km of Périgueux, 8 km of St-Astier, 12 km of the exit 14 (St-Astier) of A89 Bordeaux-Lyon (see the map).

Capacity of reception

4/5 persons (2 rooms).


Opening period

The cottage is opened all year long (just take a look at the calendar).


(here is the tariff for the cottage)

His history

This building is an extension of the barns of the farm, it was built 100 years ago . It is a local calcareous stone made by traditional building, having built with some clay and a coating in the lime over the external joints. The walls are perfectly right and they have a 40 or 50 cm thickness.

At he start, 2 big stoves had been done up indoors (it's the current kitchen) with two huge containers in cast iron, allowing to cook food for the pigs (beetroots, corn etc..). Homes for heats of containers in cast iron was linked up with the main chimney by 2 conduits done up in the external wall, they allowed the evacuation of smokes. The central part of the ground floor (current living room), cut in 2 part by a wooden partition, served in the stocking of the firewood (side window) and of henhouse (at the window living room). There was not staircase and we acces at the first floor by the external opening (the window of the room anis) to stock some wood. 6 working months will have been needed to give a second life to the "chaudière".

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